There was time during Covid that I thought I’d never visit a coffee shop again, let alone be involved as Senior Project Manager in designing and building one. The clients however, seen a long-term picture and their vision was to create something unique.

The project involved the initial design consultation with the architect/owner and a few sleepless nights.

As part of our research we visited many coffee shops in the Co Down area to see what was already out there, what was practical, and what was out of this world. There were visits to coffee distributors and the inevitable tastings. It was all very pleasurable and then the hardwork began.

The drawings were signed off, the tradesmen contacted and the quotations rolled in.

There was of course a budget to remind us that ‘it need not cost the earth’ and the design would suffer, but not a lot.

The drawings were amended and interiors designers were sought. Together the vision became a reality in less than 9 months. There were not many problems with the tradesmen, with whom I must give a substantial amount of credit. They worked hard and the schedule remained ‘on time’.

The most important aspect of this project was the creation of a Gantt chart and an itemised list of costs, for all to sign up to.

Ultimately the owners fulfilled their dream and are now addicted to coffee, like us all.

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