Money saving ideas for offline marketing…

I often get frustrated when I see some of my clients spending more than they need on their marketing budget. I like to wear many hats and my role is not just about being creative with new technologies and platforms but I also like to save my customers some money. Here are a few tips on how to save on your marketing budget.

  1. How often do you see a flyer/leaflet being printed on one side only, when there are two perfect sides to print twice the information. Undoubtedly it will not be twice the price but it could have twice the impact. Content however is key
  2. Driving gives me some thinking time and does normally allow me to plan ahead, but how often do you drive past a roadside sign advertising a new restaurant, shop or product and do you see it, do you see all of the information on it? More often than not its a NO!

With some further thought, less is more, unless you are going to put up three or four signs

With some further thought everything is best read on a white or light coloured background with strong coloured fonts. Don’t forget to add your social media icons

Experiment with fonts and get a family member or friend to road test it and ask them later what information was on it. Was there too much, could they get the message

An important factor about signage near or on a road is to make sure you follow the correct procedure for use at any site, proper permissions etc and ensure health and safety is paramount.

3. Are you aware of the full range of funding types available from various government bodies such as Invest NI, Inter-trade Ireland etc. During 2020 I managed to secure funding for three companies, totalling in excess of £100,000

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