How well do you know your customer in this new digital age?

During the Covid pandemic I made it my focus early on to learn more about business and their customer relationships. It was evident the new digital age of marketing and talking to customers had leap-frogged a serious distance.

I identified some formal learning with the local college (yes online) in the form of the OCN NI Level 4 Award in Social Media and Digital Marketing qualification. This was a good foundation on which to build and it was great fun to do.

There are a number of things I would recommend you consider..

  1. CRM – A good cloud based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. During the year I used SalesForce, PipeDrive and Monday.com. I would recommend the latter but this is just a personal preference as I found it inexpensive and easy to install and use.
  2. LIVE chat – Consider adding LIVE chat to your website. I often use it with large organisations as it saves on lengthy phone calls
  3. Social Media – Business often follow the crowd and whilst posting routinely the message/post is not compelling enough. Make sure your Social Media is interesting enough to strike up a conversation or to get customers to respond, I call this a compelling message/post. Ask customers to use unique hashtags for specific queries relating to your business and you’ll open up a brand new way of communicating with them.
  4. SMS/WHATS APP -SMS/WHATS APP is a superb way to re-connect with customers. SMS/ WHATS APP is still one of the few ways by which you can instantly grab your customer’s attention and receive a near immediate response. Just make sure your are complying with GDPR and get their permission to opt-in or opt-out accordingly.

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