During the month of November 2020 we were tasked with helping a Co Down small business improve both customer contact and customer relationships.

From the onset it was obvious that we could use digital platforms, including cloud based APPS for ease of access. A Customer Relationship Management system was also needed. The company had no formal review of customer data in place and we persuaded the use of the Digital platform Monday.com.

Monday.com. was easily installed on office PC desktops and accessible by all senior management via an APP installed on their smart phones meaning that any change in customer information was up to date and accessible from anywhere in the world.

The use of cloud based APPS for Customer Relationship Management such as Monday.com helps businesses get to know their customers even more, with the flexibility to add as much data on their customers as they like.

With the use of automation and integration with other APPS, planning sales campaigns, sending out targeted emails regularly, amongst many other marketing opportunities was easily managed.

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