How much will video matter on social in 2022 ?

The Covid pandemic has forced business to use online marketing more and more to communicate with their potential and existing customers. This will not change, it will in fact become more and more of a norm.

For this reason you need to be more compelling online.

And the best way to do this is how?

VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO -Check out my short example of how to promote your products with a story

Your clients will love to see behind the scenes footage, maybe a personal story about you the owner and how you became an entrepreneur.

Maybe a story of your product/service development, your own personal story behind the business and how it all blends together, a product/service promotion and explaining easily how your products/services works. I can work from photos only, video and photos or just video. Simply put, this is a mini advert that could be also sent as a link by email and used by you over and over online 

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